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The Over 21 Rent Heads

but....if your 19...and old for your age? I want you here, too.

19 and up Rent crowd
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I was the original moderator of the rent community, and after some drama flare ups, I decided to oblige some of the members, who had expressed interest in an older generation of rent lovers community.

A short while before this began, several people expressed interest in the creation of a 21+ community, because they felt awkward in a community composed of teenagers, and I, as one of the oldest of the crowd, felt similarly.

I'm giving a disclaimer right now, because I've grown sick of all of the people from other related communities giving me slack, because they've felt I've discriminated against them. Guess what? I am. If someone wanted to create a rent community based around their religion, culture, or ethnic grouping, I wouldn't care, because it would be a community where they felt most comfortable.

I really didn't want to impose a "rules" section, but after some recent developments, I've been forced into that position:

- respect each other. we are all mature adults, and I definitely do not forsee that being a problem, which is why we're here in the first place.
- if you come here from another community, and start bashing a member or the entire community, you will be dealt with promptly.
- have fun. post away! I'm looking forward to hearing whatever anyone has to say!