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Fri, Sep. 30th, 2005, 10:31 am

Well, I sat down last night and listened to the new RENT movie soundtrack track by track on headphones (so I could really really listen to it with no distractions) and I have some thoughts now! (I had a few before but I have changed my mind on some)

-First of all, I am SO used to the OBC, that during songs like "Rent" where they have taken out the dialogue, I keep adding it back in in my head like "Hello, Maureen? Your equipment won't work? Ok, alright I'll go!" Haha.

-Okay. Overall - I think this new soundtrack is AMAZING. People will knock it, people will compare it to the original, but overall - I think it's great! And honestly, with such beautiful material to work with, how could you go TOO wrong?

-It was (probably) my favorite song before, but I think the new "Take Me or Leave Me" might be even better than the original! It is UN-believable - in my opinion. After I heard it, I re-played it at least 3 times to hear it again. Tracie & Idina are compeletely on point and they sound absolutely amazing.

-Rosario sounds great, way better than the online clips I heard before. (Is it just me or does the CD sound much better than the clips on the RENT movie site? I know it's the same thing, but for some reason it sounds better to me). I think "Out Tonight" sounds absolutely great. More power than I expected. She brings Mimi a slight touch of vulnerability that is nice though.

-Anthony Rapp sounds just the same pretty much. Idina and Taye sound even better than before. I feel like Idina's really grown as a singer (not that she wasn't amazing before) and she wants to show that off. Tracie is amazing! Great choice to use her for Joanne, I think.

-Love Heals is a great song! I like it. I am pleased with it.

-A couple of NEGATIVES though - not much - but whoever said yesterday that the instrumentals in "Light My Candle" sound like a MIDI file is COMPLETELY right. I laughed thinking about that. It really does - it sounds cheap. Why?

-Also, did they digitize Rosario's voice a little bit in Out Tonight? Like use some kind of weird effect on some of the notes? Do I hear something funny in there, or is it just me?

-The last point - I am a little bit disappointed with "La Vie Boheme" - One of my favorite songs in the show - I'm sure with the visual in the movie - it will be great. BUT - does anyone else feel that the whole number sounds a little too "rehearsed" and a little too "polished" -- do you know what I'm trying to say here? The original feels so raw and so spontaneous... this one sounds a little more contrived. And, I don't like the track starting out with "Who Died?" - But again I'm sure when I see the film I will feel differently about that. It's awkward for me right now though.

ANYWAY:: WHAT A LONG POST!! If you got through it, good for you and thanks! :) I have more thoughts but they aren't all coming to me right now. Please share your thoughts! It's fun to talk about this with other RENTheads when I'm at work!!

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005 12:17 am (UTC)

I'm glad you like Rosario :) She makes me so happy

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005 02:48 am (UTC)
elphabarose: I totally agree

I think the cd is alright. RD sounds way better then I thought. I don't like what they did with RDs voice in "Out tonight". I thought as well the music for light my candle sounds "canned" and fake. I also agree with the whole La Vie Boheme. It just dosen't have that roughness about it. I listen to that song to pick me up and it just isn't doing it for me.