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Tue, Sep. 13th, 2005, 09:08 am
antigoneschase: Who am I most like?

Well, if you ask my wife, she says Maureen. I'm more subtle about my Diva-hood than Reenie, but it's still there.

We do "Take Me or Leave Me" every time it comes on, because it honestly is us. She's so much JoAnne it hurts. And when Reenie is in the background saying "A control freak... a snob but overattentive... a loveable droll GEEK... and ANAL RETENTIVE" I get SUCH joy shouting it out... because it's mostly true about her. lol

We also fight just as much, but love each other just as much. :)

Of course, Wifelet is really part Mimi, part Angel, mostly JoAnne... but I could take a year to explain all of that.

I also really identify with Mark. I'm the people watcher, always on the outside, very much a loner (I know, how can a loner be a diva... it's a symptom of the struggle in me to not take up any space in the world while taking up too much.) and always feel like while I can pretty much survive anything, I am weak in many ways.